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e4 Spotlight - February 2009

Friday, 27th February 2009 | Posted by: Tim Hansen
Hi and Happy New Year to everyone. Welcome to 2009 - the year of opportunities. Hope you all have had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, with everyone returning home safely after their holidays. I am pleased that all the staff have had an awesome Christmas and New Year and are in great spirits for the year ahead. After such a great year last year, with the work we did overseas and the work here, we have an interesting year ahead. We have a positive view going into this year and hope that everyone has the same outlook.

We at e4 electrical are lucky to be involved with some community-based projects this year, which we are looking forward to. We have some good news and congratulations to Dion and Nadine for their wedding in February, to Scott who is expecting his second child later this year and to Brad and Steven who are both about to become new dads. We wish them all the best. I have also tied the knot with my fiancé Kerrilee Wright after a long ten year engagement. Since we already have three children there will be no news from us!!! Wishing you all the best for the year ahead, and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Allan Hickey
Managing Director