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Retailer fined for breaching electrical appliance safety rules

Wednesday, 7th October 2009 | Posted by: Tim Hansen
- Author Energy Safety

A bargain store in Panmure was convicted and fined $1,500, and $330 legal costs, for breaching the Electricity Regulations. Style Master Limited was found guilty of offering electrical products for sale without first establishing their safety, in the Auckland District Court on 17 July 2009.

The products included table lamps, hair clippers and compact fluorescent light bulbs. These light bulbs were never intended to be used in New Zealand light sockets, presenting a safety risk to anyone who used them. Despite prior education and warnings, Style Master Limited disregarded public safety and continued to sell these products.

\"Not establishing if something is safe before you supply it, not only puts your customers at risk, but your business too\" said Richard Lamb, Compliance Officer, Energy Safety.

Energy Safety is getting the message across to stores that they have a duty to ensure the safety of electrical products before they sell. Our aim is to encourage all suppliers and retailers to take responsibility for the products they supply. The rules are in place to protect consumers and encourage good business practices.

Energy Safety is part of the Ministry of Economic Development and undertakes an ongoing program of investigations and audits of electrical and gas appliances.