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Monday, 20th June 2011
If you are building or renovating, now is the time to look at \"Pre-Wiring\"
Pre\'wiring is the general term given to running the audio and video cabling through the framing timber of your home. Specific cabling is run for your current and future needs.


HI-FI: When building, it is easy to distribute music of superb quality anywhere in your home.
THEATRE SYSTEMS: From recessing a TV, distributing your DVD collection or adding a drop down electric screen, it is all possible if well planned and professionally pre-wired for.
STRUCTURED WIRING: This is the general term given to the centralised wiring and distribution of Aerial, Sky, Telephone and Data cabling.
DATA CABLING: More and more services and service providers are relying on an internet connection to communicate, update and better manage everything from your Sky connection to your CD collection.
AERIALS: Sky, RF and Free-to-air Digital should be run to a central panel before being distributed to the rest of your home.
PHONES: Running your telephone cables to the same central services panel before heading around your home is also a great idea. Phone cabling is very cheap so don\'t be scared to run the cables to locations you might not think you needs a phone.
MUSIC SYSTEMS: Introducing a new system that could distribute superb music into every major area of your home. Quality In-Ceiling, In-Wall and Out Door speakers can be used, or wired for and introduced later.

Simply speaking ........the benefits of pre-wiring can be huge and the cost minimal.