our services

+ Power and Lighting Installations
+ HVAC Electrical
+ Automation and Control
+ Air Conditioning
+ 24 Hour on call Service
+ Maintenance and Servicing
+ CAD Drawings
+ Design and Build
+ Data and Voice


For all electrical needs in and around the home, we are able to supply, install and also maintain

Domestic Services:


+ Power and Lighting + Medium to Large Commercial new and refit sites + Data Cabling

Commercial Services:


+ Power and Lighting + Motor Control + Maintenance + PLC Wiring

Industrial Services:


+ Pumps + Speed Drives + Effluent System Controls + Milking Shed Installations + Automation

Rural Services:

Electrical for Mechanical (E4M)

+ HVAC Wiring + BMS Wiring

Electrical for Mechanical (E4M) Services: